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freephpbb3.com is a service which offers free forums using phpbb 3 message board software. Our customized installer will create your phpbb forum instantly. You will become the forum founder and has full control of your newly created phpbb message board. When there is new phpbb release, our system will automatically update your phpbb forums to the latest version.

Other free phpbb bulletin board providers will normally charge you to upload new phpbb styles/templates. Here at freephpbb3.com, we encourage our members to create their own phpbb styles/templates. If you check on our support forum, there will be a dedicated sub forum for this. PHPBB Styles/templates which are created by our members will get uploaded to our system without any charge.

At freephpbb3.com, we do file system back-up daily and weekly. The back-up file will be restored on separate servers. In the worst case scenario, we are able to point our domain name to the back-up file system within less than an hour.

We understand that default phpbb bulletin board sofware may not be enough for some members. So, based on requests and other criterias, we are developing some modifications to the default phpbb message board software. On our free forums, we have developed abilities to upload your own smilies, ranks, icons, and avatar gallery images. On top of that, you will be able to upload your own un-restricted logo/banner size.

There are lots of other features on our free forums that you will find out upon creating the forum. So, do not wait any longer and CREATE YOUR FREE FORUM NOW or BROWSE OUR DIRECTORY NOW. If you have questions or queries, please post your problem on our FORUM SUPPORT NOW.

NOTE: At this moment, phpbb version 3 is still in development mode with around 95% working functions. freephpbb3.com will update all our free forums to the latest release twice monthly.

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Backup Types

First phpbb 3 provider
freephpbb3.com is the first free forum provider running on phpbb 3 (code name: phpbb olympus).


Opteron servers
Our free forum network consist of multiple Dual Opteron servers. New servers will be added when they have used 75% of the resources.

Top Notch Data Center
All servers are colocated at top notch data center with premium tier one bandwidth. We proudly boast a 99.9% uptime.

24x7 support
free 24x7 forum support with an average response of 3 hours.

Run by Professionals
Unlike other free forum providers, freephpbb3.com are run by team of professionals. We have been providing free forum service since end 2003.